Sales increased for Ford Trucks, whereas Lincoln SUVs still struggles

The Lincoln, Ford and Mercury sales were raised to 13.3 % in the month of January, but not so good start in the month while selling the units of vehicles in the market. When compared with the sales in the last year’s January month, comparatively no doubt it has steadily much improved. The Ford notes and retail sales got increased up to 27 % in the month of January for the year 2011.

The discontinuation in the Mercury brand reflects the January figures and hence looking forward to the daily rental companies. The companies are still struggling to get noticed by the customers and more number of sales units of vehicles get disclosed in the up coming years. The Ford trucks and SUVs were amongst the strongest in the month of January for the year 2010 that offered high and superior performance.

The Escape got end till its life and was increased in the sales by 29.9% that was much appreciated by most of the trucks lovers. Another great month for the Edge models, which raised the sales units by 42.8 % and Explorer by 42.8 %. But the mediocre sales for the Flex models were decreased to 18.3 %. In all the trucks categories of the Ford the total sales were high by 29.6 % but for the Ranger was decreased to 31.3 %.

The Lincoln SUVs is the another brand for the MKX crossover was quite surprised by the sales unit, which got decreased by 29.7 % The Navigator in Lincoln were sold only 579 units in the month of January, 2010.  The sell down for the Mercury crossover were nearly good , as it sold more than 5000 units of vehicles all over the world.

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